PROBA-V's Image Of The Week - Natural Richness of Angola

Natural Richness of Angola

High Resolution "Image of the Week"


World Environment Day, 2016

In celebration of World Environment Day, on June 5th 2016, we visit the natural wealth of wet tropical forests and savannahs in Africa, in the Portuguese-speaking republic of Angola.
Prominently visible in the false-colour image from PROBA-V is the edge of the Malanje highlands (in red), around 1000 to 1100 m high and fertile, in the west and the Kwango River valley in the east, rich in mineral resources.
The border between Malanje and Lunda Norte provinces is formed by the Loanda River, marked by its vegetated banks in red (centre), that joins the transboundary Kwango River shared by Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo further north. Kwango River is shown flowing from its mudplains  in the southeast corner (orange) to the north (lightblue).
Finally, we see the southern parts of the Reserve of Milando, home to the endangered giant black sable antilopes.