PROBA-V's Image of the Week - Ashburton River, Australia

Ashburton River, Australia

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Ashburton River, Australia

Amidst the hills and ranges in the northern parts of Western Australia, with a desertic climate, we find Ashburton River and its floodplains dominated by Acacia shrublands and grasslands that light up in red in this 100m false-colour PROBA-V image of late July 2015.
The River flows north to northwestward to finally flow into the Indian Ocean near Onslow. In the image, it is clearly joined by several tributaries that flow in from the north to northeast, east and south. Paulsens Gold Mine is highlighted by the bright blue spot.

These parts of Australia were discovered by the Dutch explorers on board the ship Mauritius, when they visited the area in the first half of the 17th century. On their early maps, the river was named Willems River after their navigator and governor of the Dutch East Indies Company, Willem Janszoon.