PROBA-V's Image of the Week - Columbia River, USA

Columbia River, USA

High Resolution "Image of the Week"


Columbia River, USA 

Originating in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Columbia River forms a large part of the border between Oregon and Washington State in the northwest of the United States. Along with the Snake River, its main tributary flowing in from the northeast in the image, Columbia has a drainage basin that is roughly the size of France. The heavy flow and steep gradient gives it strong potential for hydroelectricity.
In this false-colour, 100 m resolution image captured in mid September 2016, the brown mountains and urban environment (along the northwest branch of Columbia River), the dark rivers, the green patchwork and green-to-orange spots of crop fields make for a colour palette that reminds us of the Autumn season.
In the centre of the image, where the river suddenly narrows just south of the pivot fields, it passes by a national landmark – the Wallula Gap.