PROBA-V's Image of the Week - The Alps

The Alps, Europe

High Resolution "Image of the Week" The Alps

Outlook to 2017

As the tops of the Alps are more buried in snow, Europe prepares for winter and the end of the year, a time to look back, reminisce and look forward with hope and good intentions. For PROBA-V, 2016 has been a year of many challenges and highlights, ending in a climax: the start of the Collection 1 in Near-Real Time.

As inspiration for 2017 and even beyond, here are a number of important developments and activities related to PROBA-V that you can expect:

  • Completion of the Collection 1 archive re-processing in first quarter 2017;
  • Combination of different resolutions and reducing data gaps through Kalman filtering;
  • MultiTemp and other events, with focus on time series analysis;
  • Completion of the SPOT-VGT reprocessing to Collection 3.​

And much more…

The winner of our 2nd PROBA-V challenge is Dr Ewa Kukawska of CBK PAN, the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Science.  Congratulations!